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The 4WD Buddy System

Most off-road handbooks recommend that you never venture alone into the back country. You should bring at least one other car with friends. They call it the buddy system.

I personally think that is not really necessary.

IF... own a well maintained SUV. - have decent driving experience. use common sense while driving. - always have a cell phone* aboard.

 Beyond pavement you'll find dirt roads that are more or less maintained. But even the really bad ones never turn suddenly into steep hill climbs, mud bogs or boulder fields.

So, no need to bring your buddies.

With good common sense and the safety of a cell phone you don't have to turn a Sunday drive into a multi-car expedition.

* For added safety you may want to consider a satellite phone.

However, its fun to be with friends if they want to come along.

However, if you want extra safety - learn more about your 4WD.
However, if you want to tackle a really challenging trail - don't go alone.

However, if the area you are about to explore is very remote - don't go alone.

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