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Who invented four wheel drive ?

It is truly interesting how many people claim to have invented 4WD for cars or trucks.
Here is a selection:

Lanchester invented disc brakes, power steering, four wheel drive, fuel injection, low voltage ignition...

Otto Zachow and William Besserdich invented the
four-wheel-drive automobile, Clintonville, 1908.

Mr. Claude Hoadley invented the first 2 ton, 4 wheel steering, four wheel drive, truck around 1910. (the link has disappeared - does anyone have a new reference?)

It was a farmer, after all, who invented the four-wheel drive tractor (in reference to the first Steiger tractor).

It was Jesse Livingood in Graysville, Pennsylvania (1914)

Now, let me talk about a Quebec business or, rather, a national and even international company, Bombardier. I have a great deal of respect for Bombardier, because it invented the snowmobile, the four wheel drive.

Here is an interesting timeline of 4WD inventions