Expert 4x4 Driving Seminar

This seminar is offered to individuals, government agencies, armed forces, fire departments and companies with special driver training needs.

The course is intended to teach well above avarage level driving skills in very intense sessions. The location is to be determined by you.

This is a carefully designed seminar to teach the necessary techniques and driving skills to prevent getting stuck in any off-pavemnt environment. More importantly you learn professional techniques to save your equipment from breaking down. If required, safe recovery procedures can be incorporated - however, it seems paramount to primarely focus on proper driving skills to prevent situations that would lead to a need of recovery.

Previous 4WD experience is not required - in many cases it is even better not to have any pre exposure to off-road driving - that way we don't have to rid you of bad habits.

To assure that you learn as much as possible and get maximum hands on time during this intense seminar, the student to trainer ratio will not be greater than 4:1 - the student to car ratio should not exceed 2:1

typical duration from 1 to 5 days.

Course fee: $295.00 per day/student
4 students minimum

Course location to be determined by client

Suitable vehicles to be provided by client
If requested we can have our vehicles trucked to the desired location.

Meet your head instructor

"I wanted to thank you again for the course. It was one of the best courses I have ever taken in any subject. And I have taken many training courses over the years."

D.S. - San Jose Police Dept

I should not really need to mention it, but I will: Main focus aside from driving techniques and valuable background information during all classes will be your personal safety.