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FSS flexible service



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Mercedes-Benz M-Class USA specs

FSS - Flexible Service System

FSS determines the remaining time and mileage before the next oil change is due. This information is displayed in the instrument cluster. Press mileage button twice.

Both, V6 and V8, engines are fitted with a digital oil quality sensor on the bottom of the engine's crankcase just above the oil pan and an analog oil level sensor.

The maintenance interval is increased or shortened depending on the operating conditions (cold starts, engine speed, etc.) or when oil has been added. The distance between service requirements for your vehicle may be lengthened beyond the new 10,000 mile minimum service interval without sacrificing the quality or performance you expect.

FSS monitors oil change requirements based on actual needs. FSS calculates the current remaining mileage and remaining operating time up to the next oil change based on the following information:


 Time (from vehicle's clock in cluster)

Speed (from ABS/4ETS control system module via CAN)

Coolant temperature

Load signal

Eingine rpm (from engine control module via CAN)

Engine oil temperature

Engine oil correction factor

Engine oil level (from analog oil level sensor via engine control module and CAN)

 instructions to do your own oil change

 How to reset FSS after an oil change

turn ignition key to position 2

press reset button twice within 4 seconds

turn ignition back to pos 1

press and hold the reset button

turn ignition to pos 2

keep pressing the reset button until buzzer sounds and new miles display appears