ML320 for Tuscaloosa Sheriff's department

ML320 for Tuscaloosa Sheriff's department


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last updated 11-25-2000

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Mercedes-Benz ML320 for Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Department


ML320 for Tuscaloosa Sheriff's department

 In the fall of 1997 the Sheriff's Department of Tuscaloosa, Alabama received two Mercedes-Benz ML320 from MBUSI, maker of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class in Vance/Alabama. The intention was to expose the vehicles to extreme rough everyday driving conditions and the accumulation of at least 150,000 miles a year before they go back to MBUSI.

Late 1998 ML430 were added to the fleet. Quite a job incentive for sheriffs in Tuscaloosa - driving around in a top of the line Merceders-Benz V-8.

To avoid that the Tuscaloosa Police Department feels left out they received a few ML430 from MBUSI as well.

Mercedes-Benz ML also used by British Police

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