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ML430 maximum torque

In first gear low range the ML430 produces 8,562 lb / ft of torque @ 3000 rpm

Each wheel receives 2,140 lbs/ft of torque


However, during take off the ML430 is able to produce 11,687 lbs/ft of torque.

Per wheel that's a whopping 2,922 lbs/ft

The MLs outstanding
crawl ratio* of 64:1 in combination with the automatic's torque converter

are responsible for this impressive result.


The torque multiplying action of the torque converter makes an automatic an excellent choice for maximum off-road power and an outstanding choice for anyone who has to tow heavy loads.

  Mercedes-Benz ML320
 Mercedes-Benz ML430
  max engine torque 232 @3000 rpm  295 @ 3000 rpm
  crawl ratio * 38 :1 / 71:1 **  33:1 / 64:1 **
  torque @3000rpm low range 7,862 8,562
torque per wheel @3000 rpm 1,965 2,140
  est. torque @ 1200 rpm low range 10,181 11,687
  est. torque per wheel @1200 rpm 2,545 2,922

Sometime soon I will make the program available that created these numbers.

* See what crawl ratio means. 
** Second ratio before torque converter lock-up

A dyno test measures the actual torque available at the wheels, which might differ from the manufacturer's published data.