Rubicon Trail Jeep Adventure 2014

please note -
starting summer 2013 Barlow Jeep will run the Rubicon Trail adventures and 4x4 training.
Harald Pietschmann

From Georgetown over the world famous Rubicon Trail through a stunning section of the High Sierra. It's a 19th century stagecoach road. Today a county road lacking maintenance really bad. Almost impassable - but perfect for a strong four wheel drive. This journey will take 4 days. Totaling 60 miles, the 12 more difficult miles will take 3 days to negotiate.

The Rubicon / McKinney road is considered to be one of the most treacherous roads in the USA. However, previous 4x4 driving skills are definitely not required for my events. The Jeep vehicles Barlow Jeep provides are modified to perfection and professional guidance will guarantee a successful completion of the adventure for anyone. This might be a perfect opportunity to acquire solid 4x4 driving skills as well.

This trip is a wonderful adventure tour into the untouched wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every night camping right next to crystal clear mountain lakes. Sleeping under an endless sky with millions of sparkling stars will make you dream forever. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 guests (3 Jeeps) to guarantee everyone gets our full attention. Larger group sizes (10 guests) are possible upon request.

4 full days on the trail, 3 nights camping in the arms of Mother Nature, before and after 2 nights in a good motel.

* Guided trip Georgetown - Georgetown
* 2 nights hotel
* 4 days use of a strong,
* 2 persons per vehicle max.
* max group size: 6 guests (3 rigs)
* All vehicle operating cost
* Comfortable, clean camping equipment
* Plenty of delicious food and beverages
* Restaurant meals are included in price as well

Use a Barlow Jeep:
$2,850 per Jeep
$650 per additional person, same Jeep

Use your own approved 4x4 rig:
$1,950 per vehicle
$650 per additional person, same Jeep
Includes everything listed above - except vehicle and its operating cost.

Please contact Barlow Jeeps for any questions

book your adventure:

Monday, July 7 thru Thursday, July 10, 2014:
4-Day Rubicon Adventure • Georgetown CA FULL

Monday, Aug 25 thru Thursday, Aug 28, 2014:
4-Day Rubicon Adventure
• Georgetown CA
1 Jeep available

Monday, Sept 8 thru Thursday, Sept 11, 2014:
4-Day Rubicon Adventure
• Georgetown CA
2 spots available - non-rental private Jeeps only