Starting in gear when off-road and in low range.

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Starting in gear

One of the most important off-road driving techniques is "starting in gear".

Rather than stepping on clutch and brake, starting up your engine, engaging 1st gear, releasing the brake and carefully letting the clutch out - there is a much safer way to get you started when the vehicle is in a challenging off-road situation:

Assuming you are in 1st gear low range (or reverse, low range) - step on the gas three times (not needed with fuel injection vehicles) - turn the ignition key and you are moving. Surprisingly simple.

Works in all cars with 4WD low range. Works on level ground as well as on steep climbs. Works great downhill, too!

Here is how it looks like:

As well as you start in gear by simply turning your key - you can stop your truck by turning the key off. A very safe method in challenging environments.

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