How does four wheel drive work?

It is my intention to describe every important aspect of four wheel drive

I will describe it in easy to understand terms for anyone interested in how 4WD works.
Easy enough that my mom, and she does not even have a drivers license, understands what I am talking about.

Whenever time permits it I will add more topics of interest.

This site is work of passion. I work on this site in my spare time.

Drop me a line if you liked what you found here or correct me if I am wrong with my description.

Although I have a very busy 4WD life teaching, guiding, consulting and publishing, I promise to keep creating a competent source for 4WD related answers.

My Mercedes-Benz M-Class book has been published in Germany early 1998 and my Jeep Grand Cherokee was published in April 1999. Currently I am working on a Locker 101 book (when, how and why to use lockers).

Therefore, I am asking you to please bear with me and check for new pages frequently. Feel free at any time to contact me with questions that are not answered on one of the following pages.

Happy four-wheeling

Harald Pietschmann