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M-Class Rumors & News

 May 1998  New M-Class to be introduced for model year 2004

Will most likely share same platform with year 2002 minivan

That means the frame will be replaced by a unibody construction!

New M-Class will be available with regular & extended wheelbase.

Plans for a 2-door convertible ML are said to be canceled.

 May 1998  New Minivan (replacing Mercedes-Benz V-Class) will be built at MBUSI plant in Vance,AL


4WD, 430 V8, long wheel base, below $40,000

FWD, 320 V6, short wheel base, about $30,000

Start of production : 2002/3

 May 1998  Because of safety concerns the full size spare tire carrier will not be available in the US - however, it is available in non US markets
 May 1998  Stuttgart is still working on a "fully flared" version to satisfy AAV dreams. Initially planned for ML430 they might be delayed until introduction of AMG ML55. Spy pics
 June 1998  A recently obtained photo indicates that there might be a Roadster M-Class coming. MLK instead of SLK?
 November 1998  In addition to the long expected ML55 Mercedes will offer extended fender flares as a factory option as early as fall 1999. It shows strong resemblance to the AAV !
 April 1999 The new generation of M-Class vehicles is expected to be on the road by the year 2005. The current model 163 will be replaced by the 164 series.

In 2006 an extended version will be added as MLX

In 2007 a much more off-road capable version, the MLG, will be offered

  May 1999 Attention off-road fans: in 2004 the first M-Class ready for the rough will be offered. Code named MLG it should not be mistaken with the 164 series MLG which will follow in 2007. 
 May 1999  Starting June 1999 a ML320 Limited Edition will be offered in Germany - officially sold by Mercedes-Benz, all mods by BRABUS

Word is that the AMG folks were pretty upset about this competition

 April 2000  A face lifted version of the current W 163 will be introduced before the new W 164 hits the showroom floors by 2005. MB is contemplating the construction of a second factory in the US.
 May 2000  Production of the G-Class , Mercedes' most famous 4WD vehicle, will continue at least until 2005.

After an initial purchase of 62 "G" by the US Marines, Mercedes-Benz hopes to win the contract for at least 3,000 units initially code named "ITV" - now IFAV


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