Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163 image collection

I found some incredible high resolution images of W163 Mercedes M-Class in my truckload of ML documents (I wrote a book on the M-Class in 1997). They are images made available to the press in 1997. They would make great screen savers or posters for your garage. Some of you might even put one in a frame next to your family pictures on your desk.
Some sample pictures here.

2 CDs image collection

4 CDs of press images

Since the files are rather big I combined the material of all 6 CDs on one DVD with hundreds of images which I wanted to make available to the M-Class enthusiasts worldwide. Each CD has its own software to run the photo show. Files are in .jpg format and any photo editing program will open them as well. To print the images you may have to change from CMYK to RGB colors.

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