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Mercedes-Benz ML320

Most of the following pages reflect my personal Mercedes-Benz ML320 experiences from October 1997 to June 2000.

I exposed my silver ML320 to almost every imaginable on-road and off-road situations. From daily commutes and long fast highway trips, to exhausting expedition style travel and finally the infamous Rubicon Trail, my ML320 experienced a wider variety of situations than most SUV's will ever encounter. Admittedly it has it's limits, but there are only very few (off-road) places where I would rather use my Mercedes-Benz 300GD. So far the ML is the most impressive combination of off-road talent and safest sedan comfort one could imagine. Besides, no SUV before had such a big fun-factor built in. Driving my ML320 makes me smile from ear to ear - every day!

How good is the M-Class off-road?

This image was taken during one of my many trips to test the limits of my ML320. (Baja California October 1997 in this case)

Is the M-Class US version different from EU version?

How good is the M-Class for towing?

Books about the M-Class