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How long do BFGoodrich tires last ?

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 I have been asked many times: "How long do your tires last?". Well, I am surprised myself. With all the rough trails I submit my tires to they hold up extremely well. I had a set mounted in 1997 and drove for more than 35,000 miles since then - they appear to be promising another 35,000 miles.    Since I had adjusted my front torsion bars, and decided not to have the front end realigned there was some concern that it would have a negative effect on caster and camber, thus leading to premature tire wear. The image below shows that this has not been the case - yet.

The following image shows a front tire at 37,377 miles on 9-16-99

I recommend this tire to anyone who needs to travel rough roads, still expects the highest comfort and safety on-road


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My personal opinion: BFGoodrich tires are unsurpassed off-road champions

  large,tires,BFG,Goodrich, BFGoodrich