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Advantages & Disadvantages of larger tires

To gain some ground clearance I had a set of 265/75R16 BFGoodrich All Terrain tires mounted.

Ground clearance improves by about 1.2 inches. Larger sidewalls provide comfort & safety.

The tire is quiet like a ride on clouds. I noticed no loss in performance or fuel economy.

Please note: It is essential to carry a full size spare when you change to tires 5 % or larger than stock. If you would mount the temp spare together with larger tires (if they are at least 10% larger) 4ETS would try to slow down the faster spinning temp spare. This will create extremely unsafe driving conditions.

16 inch wheels
- 17 inch wheels - 18 inch wheels



of larger tires for off-road travel:

 They could make your vehicle look better

Larger footprints provide more flotation on soft surfaces.

Larger footprints mean less likely flat tires.

Larger footprints mean an increase in traction.

Taller sidewalls mean more cushion between nasty rocks and the rim.

Taller sidewalls mean better ride comfort.



of taller tires include a more or less significant loss of performance.

With every inch over stock diameter you'll lose 3.5% of torque.

Larger tires have a negative influence on stopping power.

Draw back of heavier tires is a possible decrease of comfort on pavement.

More unsprung weight means a rougher ride on pavement.

Draw back of wider tires is a loss of steering accuracy.

Wider tires have a higher rolling resistance resulting in higher gas consumption.


My personal opinion: BFGoodrich tires are unsurpassed off-road champions