Hella Rally 4000 lights for Mercedes-Benz ML320


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ML320 installation of HELLA 4000 lights

HELLA 4000 lights

 I tried hard to fit the Hella 4000s to the lower bar of the MB Grille Guard

Even when you force the nut/bolt assembly of the Hella 4000 into the existing hole you face two problems: No tool in the world will allow you to tighten the nut (means you have to remove the entire Grille Guard) and tilted forward the 4000 does not adjust to a vertical anymore.

Since the Hella 4000s are very heavy lights (full metal housing) you really need a good solid bracket. I used old Toyota running board supports, cut them short, bolted them into the existing holes and welded them to the front of the bar.

The stock MB bar does not withstand the shaking of rough roads. Here we had to weld during a Baja California trip with an on-board welder installed in my Jeep CJ 7.

 HELLA 4000 lights

I would have liked the bar somewhat closer to the bumper.

Check the impressive light pattern.

Mounting bracket