Mercedes-Benz ML320








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M-Class Evaluation


Towing a 4200 lbs Toyota FJ 40 Landcruiser from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe.

Who is doing a better job? 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee or 1997 Mercedes ML320?

Towing with J GC was completed 6/20/98:

9.7 mpg towing, averaging 55 mph, 19.2 mpg driving back empty, averaging 70 mph.

Towing with ML320 on 7/1/98, the drive back on 8/29/98



Other topics:

ground clearance vs Jeep Grand Cherokee

ground clearance vs Mercedes G-Class

maximum torque


crawl ratio


18 inch wheels

17 inch wheels

16 inch wheels

wheels & accesories

 ML320 lowered by Eibach

Stock tires vs larger wheels