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Busted gas tank

During a May 2002 Baja California trip one of my clients, distracted by cows, hit a good size rock on a dirt road. One of the steel straps holding the tank in place was pushed far back and finally, instead of breaking, moved up and cut a good size hole into the tank.
I patched the hole with soap and a piece of rubber - allowing us to limp 50 miles to the next town. One of the creative Mexican mechanics patched the hole with a two component glue, which did not leak for days. No gas was lost before final replacement of the tank in Salt lake City.

Obviously the perpendicular placement of the holding straps poses a serious thread for the tank's integrity. They should probably break apart before cutting into the tank.

The Mercedes G uses the same straps but they run parallel to the frame and are not threatened by hitting objects on the road.


Image shows how far the steel strap moved back  

The cut was vey deep into all layers of the tank