Service Manual for Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen

this CD combines the MB maintenance manual and the MB brake service manual

 Maintenance Manual

The Mercedes-Benz maintenance manual is a must have item for everyone concerned about the correct servicing of his precious Geländewagen.

This manual covers on 342 pages oil & filter service, valves, belts, plugs, coolant, fuel system, running gear and body service topics. Includes all tune up specs and torque values. Minute step by step service procedures.

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Brake Service Manual

The Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen Brake Service contains 450 pages of detailed service and repair advice with all necessary torque specs, pressure values and many pictures. This manual is an extemely helpful addition to the Workshop Manual as well as to the Service Manual.


The Mercedes-Benz Brake Service Manual covers all Gelaendewagen models from 1979 until present.
  G-Class 460 series (1979 - 1990)
G-Class 461 series (1990 - present)
G-Class 463 series (1990 - present)

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460/461/463 series general maintenance
and comprehensive brake service manuals

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content of 460 - 463
Maintenance Manual

• 460 Workshop Manual CD

• 461 Workshop Manual CD

• 463 Workshop Manual CD

Maintenance Manual CD

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