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Mercedes Gelaendewagen
  L I N K S

of my Mercedes 300GD and 280GE



25 years Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen
"The only rounded lines on this truck are found at the tires"

Gelandewagen, GelSndewagen, Gelaendewagen, Gelaendewagon

This site provides information about one of the
strongest, most capable 4WD vehicles


Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen

also known as

Mercedes Gelaendewagen, Gelandewagon, G-Wagen, G-Wagon, G-Model,
G-Class, G-Klasse, Clase G etc., etc.

In German "Gelände" means terrain, also difficult terrain.

"Wagen" stands for wagon or vehicle.

So Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen

translates to Mercedes-Benz All Terrain Vehicle.

Officially Mercedes-Benz calls the G a "cross country vehicle"

With other words: Whatever Mother Nature could possibly throw at you -

the Mercedes Gelaendewagen is ready to deal with it.

No terrain will ever be too rough for this most competent 4WD.

First produced in 1979 the G-Wagen was pretty spartan (its military heritage was undeniable) - by 1990 it got stronger engines and more luxury refinement. Current G 500 and G 55 models are quite luxurious and very fast, but still outperform pretty much any other 4x4 when off-road.

papamobile, G 500 new ride for the pope
The G 500 or G 55 is present in the garages of many heads of state and many celebreties - of course the pope rides in one as well.

visit Mercedes-Benz

This site contains information about all Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen ever produced:
230 G, 230 GE, 240 GD, 300 GD, 250 GD, 280 GE, 200 GE, G 300 D,
300 GE, G 3.6 AMG, 500 GE, G 300, G 230, G 200, 290 GD, 290 GDT,
G 290 DT, G 350 DT, G 320, G 300 DT, G 270 CDI, G 400 CDI, G 500,
G 550, G 55, G 55 K.

The official worldwide site for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

USA Mercedes G-Class official web site

G55 AMG video (I was the lucky driver)

Eric Clapton G-Wagen video

more G videos coming soon

I needn't say this, but I will: my only association with Mercedes-Benz is as a customer.

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