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 Electronic Parts Catalog CD (EPC)

The Mercedes-Benz parts & order numbers CD is a valuable source for parts information of your Geländewagen.

This electronic parts catalog CD is a original Mercedes-Benz CD - not a questionable pirated copy!
Latest release 06/2007

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The parts catalog CD shows each and every component of all Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen down to the smallest nut and bolt. All order numbers for original replacement parts are listed

The EPC installs in German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese

After you enter the complete serial # of your vehicle (for example "460 333 17 045075") you will then have access to the entire data related to your specific vehicle (in this mode you can see exactly with what options your vehicle was originally ordered and built - pretty cool)

Alternatively you could enter the first 3 digits only (for example "463") and you will have
access to data related to all 463 series vehicles and its special versions.

The Mercedes-Benz parts catalog CD (EPC) covers all Gelaendewagen models of the 463 series
  G-Class 463 series (1990 - present)
The 463 EPC covers: (200GE) 230GE, 300GE, 250GD, 300GD (from 1990)
G320 (I-6), G350DT (from 1992)
500GE (1993)
G320 (V-6), G300DT, G500 (1996 - 2001)
G 320 (V-6), G500, G55, G55K, G270 CDI, G400 CDI (from 2002)

Important notice: The newest version of the Mercedes-Benz EPC is guaranteed to run on any Windows platform! more...

Runs on Mac computers with VirtualPC.

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