onFront shackles or rear shackles ?
Why do some vehicles have rear shackles ? 

Due to spring compression and relaxation the axle moves in an arc up and down.
Compression as well as relaxiation of spring will result in axle and tires slightly moving forward, following an arc around the fixed spring end.

Disadvantage: With the shackle in rear the drive shaft moves in a similar arc and the drive shaft slip joint experiences very extreme action. After a shackle reversion (moving shackle from front to rear of spring) the drive shaft needs to be modified to accommodate a wider range of compression and extension - otherwise it might get pulled apart.

Advantage: Impact on tire (hitting a rock a little too fast) will only minimally stress (pull) the fixed end of the spring. Any axle or spring movement will be compensated by rear shackle.

Here is how the axle moves with arched springs and front shackles.
Here is how the front shackle setup looks like.

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