Workshop repair manuals for Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen

You are not sure whether you have a 460 or 461 or 463 G-Wagen?

Mercedes-Benz service department used to sell a print version of a comprehensive Gelaendewagen Repair and Workshop Manuals to owners worldwide. Thousands of pages of step by step repair advise and a wealth of helpful pictures assisted owners to do their own repairs. The manuals were available in German, English, French - and even a Spanish manual.

Unfortunately this Mercedes-Benz service repair manual is no longer available - owners in need, far away from any factory support, in remote places like the USA, South Africa, Chile, Nicaragua or Ghana can no longer obtain the valuable manual to keep their Gelaendewagen up and running.

As owner of two G-Wagen in the USA, and suffering from the non-support of Mercedes service, I took it upon myself to simply help owners worldwide to get the support they deserve by providing a small number of manuals. All material is carefully edited. Please select what you need from the available manuals - most CDs are available in English. A Spanish version is coming soon.

As a journalist and 4WD consultant (I am a trainer for various government agencies and curious individuals) I am not in the business of selling manuals - I just want to help with support where Mercedes left off. Community service of sorts. All material is sold at cost. No other Mercedes-Benz repair manuals, except for the G, are available.

On a limited basis I am also able to help with service and repair advice related to the G, if you are completely lost. If you have any questions related to 4WD I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Please visit my main web site for an overview.

All e-mail will be answered as soon as possible.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the manual pages on CD

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