10,000's of pages edited
The CDs/DVDs offered are neither copies of existing Mercedes-Benz CDs (with pretty bad pdf files) nor are they simple copies of print manuals - they contain edited high resolution scans (300 dpi) converted to pdf. Most material is from original prints - not copies of copies like other manuals available on the internet. Some material unfortunately is gained from marginal copies if none other were available. I am in constant search of originals (all languages) to create a complete information library on Gelaendewagen repair and service.

Please contact me if you have original print versions of the Gelaendewagen manuals in your posession. I would like to either buy or borrow them to make the information available to others.

It took me about 3 years to go through this (not even close to complete) collection of Mercedes-Benz manuals related to the Gelaendewagen - containing tens of thousands of pages of information.

• 460 Workshop Manual CD

• 460 workshop supplement

• 461 Workshop Manual CD

• 463 Workshop Manual CD

Maintenance Manual CD

Brake Service CD

Front wheel bearing tip

Drive shaft grease nipple tip

Gelaendewagen site

Images of my Gs

G-Class history

35 inch tires on a G



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