New features introduction for 463 Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen on CD


I have located some new print material for 461 and 463 series Geländewagen and put it on CD.
A valuable source of information about your G

#1 - 342 pages 1990 UK introduction of 463 models - good addition to your shop manual

#2 - 79 pages 1998 international presentation of new features to 463 series - cool trivia and tips

#3 - 256 pages model year 2001 international introduction of new 463 features including 400CDI

Material #1-3 consists of unedited scans in jpg format.

All 3 for only $65

domestic and international shipping is included

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• 463 Workshop Manual CD

Maintenance Manual CD

Brake Service CD

Axle and driveshaft manual CD

Engine manuals

Transmission manuals

transmission overview

Transfer case manuals

Front wheel bearing tip

Drive shaft grease nipple tip

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