onM-Class 2001 Spring Trip to Death Valley


What you need to bring:

Don't forget your ML

Bring a cooler with favorite drinks.
Have sandwiches and snacks for all days

Bring camping chairs if you feel like it -
Bring a camping table if you want
Wear comfortable clothing
Definitely bring camera and video

arm chair , lantern, table, dome tent (don't spend more than $60 on a tent)

sleeping bag (don't spend more than $60 unless you plan on snow camping sometime soon), sleeping pads Get a wide one

Unless you are used to sleep on a cot - I do not recommed them

Best map : AAA Death Valley

GPS? not really needed - Your cell phone does not work out there

Books? Buy them after the trip or in the Furnace Creek visitor center (Friday evening), If you insist on reading up on DV before the trip: The Explorer's guide to Death Valley, ISBN0-87081-409-5


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