onM-Class 2001 Spring Trip to Death Valley


Camping or not?

Now comes the big question (the majority decides): Do you want to spend Friday and Saturday night in a Death Valley hotel - or do you want to include one night camping (Saturday). I highly recommend the camping night but I also realize that many have never done it and are somewhat hesitant. In case we decide for a mixture of hotel/camping I will assist you to pack/buy the right stuff for a night in the desert (don't worry, this will be easy). I will go with whatever the majority decides - so, e-mail your answers / questions / comments as soon as possible. We need to make this quick so I can make reservations at the hotel(s).

as of 2/15 this point is decided: the majority wants a hotel / camping combination

Hot springs or not?

Another question (here the minority tips the scale): I have the hot springs of Saline Valley on my list for a visit. It is an ancient Indian site as well as an "ancient" Hippie site (amazing how fast hip things become ancient). As part of the Hippie culture the "clothing optional" rule was adopted by the NPS. Please be very open and honest with your input when you write me back. Do you want to stop there and soak for a while or do you prefer to wave with the windows rolled up and continue driving up the canyon? I really don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and if just one participant would prefer not stop there we will go on. Don't hesitate to say "NO" because you don't want to ruin the trip for others.

as of 2/12 this point is decided: we will not stop to dip in the springs

Deadline for your answer (is that your final answer?) is February 19,


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