onM-Class 2002 Fall Trip to Death Valley


We will meet at 8.00 am at the intersection of Hwy 395 and Mazourka Canyon Road outside of Independence. You'll find the best selection of motels in Lone Pine. I found "Trails Motel" to be the least expensive ($42) - it is a cozy, very clean place.
Give them a call for reservations if you like: 1 800 862 7020

Pavement ends after a few miles and I will give a few off road safety tips to ensure a enjoyable trip. A graded dirt road will take us up Mazourka Canyon. The graded dirt road turns soon into a narrow, steep trail up to the Mazourka peak. The view into Owens Valley is truly stunning.

Sorry, I have no images of the Friday section of our trip. I have only recently been pre running this section and was not able to get my pictures developed yet.

The drive higher up into the Inyo Mountains will be somewhat challenging. But you can rely on my undivided attention and assistance when it comes to negotiating the rough spots. Our reward will be the absolutely breathtaking Papoose Flat. If access would be easier it would have been the backdrop for many movies. Across the valley you'll see the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Most likely they will be snow capped by the time we get there.

The following section of the trail has not been used much and the sage brush has closed in quite a bit leaving only a narrow passage. To avoid accidental scratches you should give your car a very good wax job before coming on the trip.

We'll explore "The Narrows", the steep, narrow entry to Marble Canyon, at the end of Squaw Flat on foot. The next few miles go up a rocky canyon - another thrilling drive.

We'll have a few miles of pavement before driving down the north pass into Saline Valley on a well maintained dirt road. Camp either in the dunes of Saline Valley or at the Hot Springs.

Arrival there between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm. Setting up camp should be a snap. How about a relaxing drink before staring dinner?

Driving total today: about 90 miles

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