onM-Class 2002 Fall Trip to Death Valley

Plan is, to leave at around 9.00 am.

Plan is, to drive from Saline Valley up Lippencott Mine Road - a beautiful challenge for all four wheel drive vehicles. In case this nasty road is impassable (you never know - and there is nothing wrong with turning around) we will have to go to plan "B" - don't know what plan "B" is yet, but we'll find something good. I promise.

Atop Lippencott Mine Road is the Racetrack. Racetrack has a stunning new display of "moving rocks". Some indicate rather bizarre movement: long straight shots for 50 yards or more followed by immediate returns. Everybody can witness the evidence of the moving rocks, however, nobody has ever actually seen them moving

We will get to Teakettle Junction and the following picture tells you why it was named Teakattle Junction.

At Teakettle Junction we'll turn towards Hidden Valley - a beautiful trip. Maybe we'll explore Lost Burro Mine. All roads in Hiden Valley as well as in the following Hunter Mountains are more or less graded.

 Before we drive down into Saline Valley again we'll have a wonderful view into Panamint Valley. The drive down the Grapevine is not too bad - but the road in Saline Valley has one of the nastiest washboard I have ever encountered.

Camp again either in the dunes of Saline Valley or at the Hot Springs. You decide.

Arrival there between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

Driving total today: about 95 miles

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