Example of good vs bad manuals

There are other sources for Gelaendewagen manuals on the web - however, sub standard scans of the material make it questionable whether they are worth any money. See the example below right.

All my manuals are not only clean high resolution (300 dpi) scans from originals - in addition they are edited, any flaws are removed and all misalignments are corrected. I sorted through 10,000's of pages to recover all G relevant information.

My manuals on CD/DVD are not just a simple collection of scans. You can navigate all manuals with mouse clicks similar to links you would find on a web page. All indexes and references have mouseover links to make the use of my manuals as easy as possible. example

All my manuals have clear images and crisp text: Here is an example of a sub standard manual others sell:

• 460 Workshop Manual CD

• 460 workshop supplement

• 461 Workshop Manual CD

• 463 Workshop Manual CD

Maintenance Manual CD

Parts catalog CD

Brake Service CD

Front wheel bearing tip

Drive shaft grease nipple tip

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Images of my Gs

G-Class history

35 inch tires on a G




You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the manual pages on CD

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