Mercedes 463 series front axle bearing part numbers
The good news is ...

You don't have to buy the more expensive Mercedes-Benz original parts. You can get identical FAG or Timken bearings at any auto parts store for less money. In fact the blue Mercedes-Benz parts boxes contain either FAG or Timken bearings. The part numbers are in the image below.

If you have a choice - get the FAG bearings. They last longer and fail less often. Timken bearings vary in quality depending which of the many factories worldwide produced them - Timken France bearings are the worst.
If you get MB original parts check what's inside the box while you are at the dealer. Refuse when they have Timken France bearings inside -give the guy a tip if the box contains FAG.

A separate workshop manual for axle services is available.
 More part numbers can be found on the part number CD.

The bad news is ...

You will still need the proper MB spanner to loosen and tighten the slotted hub nuts (spindle nuts). MB part number W 463 589 00 07 00. You may have to fabricate your own tool because some Mercedes dealers do not sell those tools to the general public.

463 parts shown - 460 parts here

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